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Alex, 17, Oxford (England), Single

Guess i'm just another geeky guy. Comics, Memes, Games and awesome Girls fill my blog. Im a gamer. although I fit into the stereotypical nerd/geek, I am by no means shy. ^_^ I don't really have a favourite band, any type of electronic is awesome, like Dubstep, DnB, Hardstyle etc... If you'd like a chat, feel free to leave me a message :D


Note: I take no credit for any pictures on this blog unless stated. ^_^

peeps scrolling!

Anonymous asked: juuust fine, bored a bit.. hungry too but it's acceptable :P

haha ^_^ come off anon? I don’t bite, much :P

Anonymous asked: how you doin'? :D

okay :D how about you? ^_^ 

Put * in my askbox and I’ll answer this:

You + me + Room =
[] Movie 
[] Fight 
[] Cuddle 
[] Make out
[] Sleep Together
[] Two people in a room… 

You are -
[] Cute
[] Okay
[] Ugly 
[] Not my type

Inbox me -
[] So we can talk
[] Your number
[] Don’ t inbox me 
[] Idk if ima reply 

I would -
[] Hug you 
[] Date you 
[] Kiss you 
[] Treat you right
[] Just be your friend 

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susney asked: ohh hello there c;

hiya, ^_^